The School of Applied Sciences at Auckland University of Technology has recently entered into an agreement with Skycam UAV of Palmerston North to purchase a Kahu Hawk Unmanned Aerial System for our conservation research.  The three senior researchers will document our experiences in learning to fly the Hawk and applying it to our projects.

This blog will ultimately be viewable worldwide.  We will invite comment and suggestions later, but the first posts will be about our learning to fly the AUT Hawk and collection of first data sets.

The blog is written by the researchers themselves to reflect their personal experience of adapting a new technology to their work, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the School of Applied Sciences or the policies of Auckland University of Technology.  We do not warrant the accuracy of any statement about the technology or regulations in New Zealand relating to the operation of UAVs; we do not accept any responsibility for any outcome resulting from reliance on our statements and comments.