The AUT Hawk has been successfully test flown and finished with AUT decals.

The team met with CAA today to plan our application for initial flight approval.  We need to write a manual of approved procedures and supply a certain amount of information on personnel qualifications, safety procedures, the fail-safe characteristics of the Hawk and intended operations.

On Sunday, we leave Auckland for Palmerston North for our flight training course with Skycam UAV.  This is, of course, very exciting, and Barbara is bubbling!  Intensive training on flight planning, regulations, launch procedures and practical flying is going to be hard work, but great fun.  We are taking our field portable spectrometer down with us and the team will have an opportunity to compare information collected on the ground with data collected by the UAV sensors.

Team building is important and, of course, research money is limited.  We have hired a farm cottage rather than stay in motel/hotel units, making significant savings.  There are likely to be long discussions of the day's operations over a meal in the evenings.