We recently held an expo for careers teachers, showing off our degree offerings, teaching and research.  The expo was held in our new building in the centre of Auckland City.

Our School set out to make a big impact and two recent acquisitions generated a lot of interest among the teachers.  Our new research boat was put on display and the Hawk UAV was hung from a balcony in the building atrium.

The video camera was turned on and linked with the GCS; teachers could see others walking around under the eye in the sky.  A number of teachers came up to our stand and asked many questions about the Hawk systems and how we intended to use it in conservation research.

Perhaps this is not how we all see UAVs being used, but enthusing careers teachers is an important part of attracting young people into our courses and ultimately into research.

                 Two teachers leaning about Applied Sciences from one of our programme leaders, under the watchful eye of the Hawk.