On our first data collection sortie, we found that the camera had not collected the 200 or so images we expected, and had only two shots on the data card.  John B reported this to Skycam UAV during a routine discussion.

It now seems that we are experiencing a previously unknown software glitch in the autopilot.  This appears to be associated with the autopilot code ibeing able to trigger both still and video cameras.   However, it has not shown up in Australian Kahus, so it may depend on other operating parameters.

John will take the aircraft to Skycam for installation of a beta solution and some extra filtering in the servo and video transmitter power supplies to suppress interference.

At least we now know that we didn't program the autopilot incorrectly!

Barbara is going to present our UAV research programme at the inaugural UAS Symposium on the 9th July in Devonport, Auckland, and John B will be assisting Skycam UAV chief pilot Lew Woods to demonstrate their new Swampfox aircraft on 8th July at the UAV Demonstration Day at Muriwai Beach.

See http://www.kahunet.co.nz/swampfox-uav.html