We have finished our Antarctic Field Skills course, capped last night by a camp out at Castle Rock, about 30 minutes' travel from Scott Base.  It is such a privilege to be here in this spectacular place.

We returned to Scott Base this morning and since then we have been preparing for our deployment on Thursday.  I have checked the UAVs and GCSs and run some simulations.  This was not 100% successful and has caused me some concern.  Fortunately, we have e-mail access to NZ from the base, so I was able to dicuss the problem with Dr. Tim Brooks of Skycam UAV.  We appear to have sorted it out.

Tomorrow I will weigh all the equipment cases to determine the total weight for the helicopter loading calculations.

I hope that the batteries, systems and cameras of the UAS will deal with the cold temperature. According to the manufacturers' data, we should be alright. Another concern is the possibility that the bungee rubber could become brittle in the cold.

Though not strictly a UAV subject, I have attached a picture of the stunning view from my tent this morning at 06.00  It was much the same last night at 23.30 though the sky was much clearer.  At 23.30 last night, the air temperature was 1C, but it was 17C in my tent, the result of the sun shining brightly.  This morning it was around -1C, but the wind made it seem quite a lot colder.

View from my tent 06.00