Recently, the number of negative reports on the activities of drone users has increased, mostly in regard to near misses with commercial aircraft.

A new post in SUAS News describes the use of a DJI Phantom Vision 2+ to survey the site of a collision between an F-16 fighter jet and a Cessna 150. The pilot of the jet was able to eject, but unfortunately, the pilots of the Cessna were both killed.

The Phantom multi rotor was flown at 30 metres above the swampy crash site and collected just 87 images, which were stitched on-site with Pix4Mapper, providing the search teams with an othomosaic at 2cm per pixel resolution. This could not have been achieved with a conventional helicopter because of the surface disturbance from the rotor downwash.

It appears that this application of the DJI Phantom greatly assisted the search teams. You can read the full story from SUAS News at: