We have been waiting for our cameras to arrive.  We now have a Sony Nex-5N modified to take NIR images, and a Tau 324 25mm lens FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera and Gimbal assembly.  The upgraded Nex-5N requires a small modification to the fuselage to enable easy installation and removal.

The Nex-5N unit has been tested by Skycam UAV in their latest creation, which can carry two cameras simultaneously, and we now have a paired set of NIR and RGB images.  These images are quite stunning. 

The FLIR will be used to measure leaf temperature of trees.  One of our new researchers from Switzerland has worked extensively in this area.  More details will be published soon, but it appears that leaf temperature can be related to metabolic activity of the trees.

Now that we are all back from holidays and overseas trips, we hope to complete our flight training and make some scientific observations (the Head of School wants to see some results from his investment!)

Meanwhile, Prof. John B. is preparing the Manual of Approved Procedures for our operations.  We are also about to start a course on remote sensing.