Skycam UAV, the makers of our Hawk, recently installed our Sony NEX5-N camera in their new SwampFox X5, a JV airframe design with the University of Queensland.  They flew the SwampFox in Danger Area 522 near Pahiatua, New Zealand.

Programming the SwampFox to run four transects and setting the camera to take overlapping images during the transects, a series of 124 photographs were captured.  "Swampy" can carry two cameras simultaneously, and the images were captured in RGB and infrared.

The images were sent to Dr Andrew Fletcher, Mined Land Rehabilitation research fellow, at the University of Queensland.  He processed them with Pix4D software and created a 3-dimensional image of the quarry - the area with the 'CV' lake.

The video gives an indication of the type of information that the Hawk can collect.  SwampFox was flown at an altitude of approximately 1100ft amsl.  Note that the original images were at 20cm resolution; the video is heavily compressed to make it maneagable for the Internet and appears to have been further compressed by Blogger.

You can see more videos and information on Skycam UAV's website: